Personal services 

Diary Management

I offer support in managing travel or hotel bookings alongside organising any paperwork you may need before important meetings. I can also research information for you beforehand if its your first time meeting a company or person. However, diary management isn't just about bookings and research ! I can also help schedule your calendar to ensure you don't forget any bookings and have time for lunch aswell ! 

Reminder Services

When you become an incredibly busy individual it tends to be become very difficult to remember everything. This is why I offer reminder services to help remind you of those important dates or celebrations !

Email Management

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of emails you receive ? Do you spend a vast amount of time responding to all the emails and worry you may of missed something? I ensure I respond to all emails in a timely and professional manner whilst highlighting those emails which are important. I also organise your inbox by ensuring all spam emails are deleted. 

Meeting preparation 

When booking meetings in your diary I provide services such as researching the client beforehand and preparing any presentations or paperwork needed before attending this important meeting !

Appointment making

When you start developing your business such as growing your suppliers  or employees. You won't need to spend too much time setting up meetings as I can manage this for you and put this into your calendar ensuring you don't miss anything important !

Holiday Cover 

When going on holiday you do not have to worry about work being left undone as this can be taken care of whilst you enjoy your time off work. 

Household managament

This may involve managing home deliveries and liaising with suppliers and household staff to ensure everything is running smoothly.  

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