Business Services

Appointment making

When running a business you can become incredibly busy so you wouldn't want to be stuck at your desk all day constantly booking appointments! Thats why I provide a service where I do all the bookings for you whilst updating it on your diary so you remember all those important dates.

Email management

Do you receive a lot of emails and worry you may of missed something? Do you find it hard to keep an organised mailbox? I can help you with this by ensuring your inbox is organised and anything of importance is highlighted whilst ensuring any spam emails are deleted to keep your mailbox looking presentable !

Meeting Preparation 

When you finally book the important meeting with a potential client to show them what you can offer them. However, there is necessary preparation you need to do beforehand. This could be preparing statistics or a presentation or even researching the clients attending to ensure you are  fully prepared for the meeting.  

Travel research and arrangements

When organising trips or holidays its's essential to do the necessary research before travelling such as visa requirements or costs. This is why I provide a service where any necessary research before travelling is done to save you the hassle. I will provide you with the necessary information beforehand and make the necessary arrangements.

Proof Reading

When spending a considerable amount of time reading through your newsletter or blog it can become increasingly difficult to spot those small spelling errors which can make all the difference when presenting it for the very first time. Hence, having a VA with proof reading skills can give you the reassurance your brand or business requires so you can make the right first impression when representing your brand.

Social Media management

Do you have social media platform's and do you have difficulty maintaining and managing all of them? If so this service could be very beneficial for you. I will be able to manage your inbox, promote and publish content on your profile for you too! I will also be looking for new innovative ways we can increase audience engagement on your profile.

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